Raised in a small Texas town during the 50's provided William with a view of school, family, and friends that few generations can share.

After two years at North Texas State and Arlington State, the U.S. Naval Reserves called, and he had the opportunity to see most of the world, and experience things that most people never experience such as seeing the Pope come out to speak from the Vatican in Rome, going down the Suez Canal, and seeing Africa on one side, and Asia on the other, being in Ethiopia during the hottest six days ever recorded on Planet Earth, participating in duty off the coast of Cambodia in the early stages of the Vietnam War, and his ship participating in the Cuban Missile Crisis as a decoy against Russian ships heading to Cuba with missiles. 

A year in the Boston Shipyard provided William the first opportunity to write a novel and to receive his first pink slip (rejection slip).

He returned to the newly named University of North Texas where he spent the next four years off and on between jobs studying Business and Psychology.

He was a drummer with his own band, playing various small clubs in the Dallas area. He later had two photography studios and did wedding and commercial photography.

He founded two companies over the next 37 years before returning to writing. One company sold eye-wear for 12 years, and another sold medical supplies for over 25 years.

William published over 100 articles online, and to his delight, had over 97,000 viewers worldwide in a single year. That is when he decided to return to writing novels. He just completed his 23rd book. Included in those 23 publications, William has a series of nine books which are based on Johnny Eager - Private Eye in New York in the forties. Noir at its finest. 

William's novels have been read all over the world. Come join the adventure.

The Girl Across the Pond