Johnny Eager is given his biggest job opportunity yet and handed the largest amount of cash he has ever seen.  The job involves the Mafia and could be extremely dangerous.

Johnny is a former Marine and willing to take on any kind of job at this stage of his life as his small private investigation office in the Bronx is going nowhere fast.

The job turns out to be the primary focus in his life for personal reasons.  A vendetta involving the mob can be highly dangerous.  Book #1 Johnny Eager Series  267 Pages.

Johnny and Sonny are best friends from childhood.  They go separate paths after school; one in law enforcement, the other with the Mafia.  
Their friendship is hard to keep from dismantling.  
Book #6 Johnny Eager series  111 Pages.

They say that a Unicorn may only be caught by a virgin.  This serial killer is leaving no clues and the newspapers have given him the pseudonym, Unicorn Killer.  The police can not catch him, but Johnny Eager is now on the case.

Johnny has put the East River serial killer behind him.  He is ready to move on with his life.  His feelings for Gayle are growing and he may even be falling in love for the first time in his life.

A frightful event takes place that turns his life upside down and may be the end for Johnny Eager.   Book #3 Johnny Eager Series

287 Pages

For the first time, Johnny is in search of a woman serial killer.  His involvement becomes part of a game that she is playing and gets very personal.  #7 in the Johnny Eager series of seven books.  184 Pages

Johnny is still troubled about the two deaths he was partially responsible for in Book 1, 'The Dark Side of Manhattan'.  Now he faces a serial killer and his troubles are just beginning.  Johnny Eager Series  Book #2
265 pages.

Johnny's past continues to haunt him and one day the evil that he had witnessed as a child becomes a reality.  
Book # 5 Johnny Eager Series.​  235 Pages

The Girl Across the Pond